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prop / подпирать, поддерживать, помогать
prop, prop up, buttress, shore, support, back
support, maintain, endorse, sustain, encourage, prop
help, assist, succor, support, aid, prop
имя существительное
support, prop, reliance, bearing, mainstay, pillar
propeller, prop, screw, airscrew
гребной винт
propeller, prop, screw, screw-propeller
имя существительное
a pole or beam used as a support or to keep something in position, typically one that is not an integral part of the thing supported.
300 tubular steel props
a portable object other than furniture or costumes used on the set of a play or movie.
The pair's ambition is to make their living producing scenery, costumes and props for museums, theatres, themed bars, film and television.
an aircraft propeller.
The engine went to Sam Thompson, the prop to California Propeller and parts to other contractors.
position something underneath (someone or something) for support.
she propped her chin in the palm of her right hand
This time, immediately after takeoff, the right prop governor failed and the prop feathered.
Fortunately, there was a heated hangar and the new prop was hung in about an hour.
I told the flight engineer about the prop and called for an emergency shutdown of No.3.
A great pity, then, but these unique beers certainly don't need the organic prop to help them stand securely in the marketplace.
Labour has been the main political prop of Norwegian capitalism throughout most of the twentieth century.
‘Shiney’ didn't have time to kill the engine before the prop bit the ground, forcing the tail of the Hurricane skywards.
The left prop stayed on but dropped off when the aircraft was picked up, I think.
So there you are, rolling along the runway at full throttle, but the prop can't provide sufficient thrust as it bites into the reduced air density.
The use of candles is clever, with them used as both a prop and a lighting source.
She heard footsteps running towards her and felt arms prop her up.