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pronto / быстро, без промедления
fast, quickly, quick, prompt, swift, pronto
без промедления
promptly; quickly.
put it in the refrigerator, pronto
Where it applies the signs should be changed pronto .
This is most vexing and I think a serious clarification of our respective roles in this relationship should be undertaken, pronto .
Scratch this weekend's home game, grab your brush, and finish that room pronto .
I've got to start currying favour with him pronto .
George is coming over in June so we need to get on the case pronto .
Yes, get that man into the middle of the front row, pronto .
She wanted to see everyone in her office pronto .
This is about as difficult as saying the word ‘car’ in a hotel foyer - the tour desk will arrange one pronto .
By any rational measure, the site should fail, alerting the developers to their error and prompting them to fix it pronto .
It's not scheduled for auction yet, so if all goes well, I'll be able to put in an offer pronto , before anybody else even thinks about looking at it.