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pronouncement / произнесение, официальное заявление, декларация
имя существительное
utterance, pronouncing, pronunciation, delivery, pronouncement
официальное заявление
official statement, pronouncement, acknowledgment, deliverance, acknowledgement
declaration, manifest, proclamation, pronouncement
имя существительное
a formal or authoritative announcement or declaration.
distrust of the pronouncements of politicians was endemic
It styles itself as a canon - an authoritative pronouncement on great literature.
If the pronouncement had been directed at a different predicament, it would have been safe to say it was the only way she could have kept herself sane.
Unfortunately, certain events prevented me from offering an encompassing pronouncement last weekend.
There was something emphatic, even challenging, in his pronouncement that discouraged questioning.
The genial exterior hid a wily political mind which made his public pronouncements feared by many politicians.
Arrogant pronouncements by leading Eurocrats and national politicians who pretend to be in favour of more integration have not been helpful.
Politicians are good at making grand pronouncements about tackling the problem, but sustainable solutions are difficult to implement.
They began to lose faith in public pronouncements by politicians.
The theological message of ritual scourging was made clear to spectators in formal pronouncements .
Most people don't understand how Government works and therefore accept its pronouncements in all cases except where it has a major impact on their wallet.