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pronounced / выраженный, явный, произнесенный
имя прилагательное
expressed, pronounced, manifest, outspoken
explicit, obvious, apparent, sheer, evident, pronounced
имя прилагательное
very noticeable or marked; conspicuous.
he had a pronounced squint
make the sound of (a word or part of a word), typically in the correct or a particular way.
Gerry pronounced the hero's name “Cahoolin”
declare or announce, typically formally or solemnly.
allow history to pronounce the verdict
Driving into the city, I always notice the pronounced Christian billboard citing a biblical passage.
That direct sunlight enters the room is clear from the bright rear wall and pronounced diagonal shadow falling from the windowsill.
The skin can become thicker and leathery, with more pronounced lines and in severe cases it can even crack.
Stronger water losses lead to even more pronounced performance reductions.
The new field of imagery may not provoke the passions of an image war, but we are often troubled by a pronounced need to know.
Flavour ranges from very mild to strong, whether harshly biting or simply with a pronounced flavour.
The evidence isn't yet conclusive, but a pronounced slowdown does indeed seem to be under way.
If it's damp with early-morning dew, its effect is even more pronounced .
Yet even given that, his last essay is notable for a pronounced harshness of tone and approach.
Plastic interaction between the metal surfaces is especially pronounced when surface jetting occurs.