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prong / зубец, вилка, зуб
имя существительное
tooth, prong, claw, barb, notch, cog
fork, yoke, bracket, prong, furcula, gab
tooth, claw, fang, prong, dent, knife
поворачивать вилами
поднимать вилами
pierce, poke, poke through, impale, pink, prong
имя существительное
each of two or more projecting pointed parts at the end of a fork.
Beryllium fork tips were also manufactured to be attached to the prongs of standard forks for handling such things as celluloid scrap and gun cotton.
each of the separate parts of an attack or operation.
the three main prongs of the new government's program
pierce or stab with a fork.
pronging the bread with a fondue fork
One prong comprised ‘positive’ eugenics, which meant manipulating human heredity and/or breeding to produce superior people.
The second prong would be to identify and hire individuals retiring or separating from the military with critical skills.
The second prong of the attack is to dramatically cut the price on the showroom floor.
She then bent the prong of a fork and used it to pick the lock on a kitchen window, enabling her to escape to freedom.
The takeaway points from this test are that the first prong requires specific intent; the second prong requires a very short time horizon for the speech, and the third prong is extremely hard to prove in court.
To satisfy the second prong , it could have pointed to McGinnis' failure to complain in a timely manner.
he passed his fork to the right hand to prong the meat
They had to make matters worse by using their forks, which they were happily dipping in and out of the salad and into their mouths, to prong the raw chicken and slap it on the hot stone.
The second prong of the MSN Explorer attack applies only to MSN email users.
First, when considering the first prong of the test he deals with the differing conduct of the various appellants as if it were all essentially the same conduct.