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prompting / побуждение
имя существительное
motivation, impulse, prompting, urge, motive, inducement
имя существительное
the action of saying something to persuade, encourage, or remind someone to do or say something.
after some prompting, the defendant gave the police his name
(of an event or fact) cause or bring about (an action or feeling).
his death has prompted an industry-wide investigation of safety violations
assist or encourage (a hesitating speaker) to say something.
“And the picture?” he prompted
Most of what I've written in the descriptions on Flickr got repeated by people without any prompting from me.
One died presumably to satisfy some ideological or religious prompting or to get revenge, and the other while trying, somehow, simply to get by.
after some prompting, the defendant gave the police his name
Without any prompting , even the youngest sit at their tables, talking quietly and ignoring the food in front of them until they know it is the proper time to break their fast.
Of course he never divulged those sources to me, despite my prompting .
What history demonstrates is that police officers often use their powers, with or without federal prompting , as instruments of larger political purpose.
An unacceptable approach to prompting would be to ask an open question and to suggest possible answers only to some respondents, such as those who appear to be struggling to think of an appropriate reply.
After some prompting by Jon in the comments section I've included links.
Only the instant prompting of campaign staffers, clapping furiously around the room, sparked enough applause to rescue the candidate from dead air.
Recently I put up a PayPal donation button on the site after quite a bit of prompting by supporters wanting to help.