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promotional / рекламный
имя прилагательное
advertising, promotional, promo, public, public relations
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the publicizing of a product, organization, or venture so as to increase sales or public awareness.
she was on a promotional tour for her books
It will then be used as a promotional video to give to parents who are thinking of sending their children to the school.
We just get very little in promotional materials so it's hard to actually make some money off of it.
He's so appalled by the remake that he wants his name removed from all the promotional material.
I like this film so much that I went on a very different promotional tour for it.
This film no longer exists, except for a few stills taken from promotional material.
promotional opportunities
It noted there was only limited promotional material in Urdu or any other Asian language.
The Wallace Group carried on business here and abroad in the design and sale of promotional games.
Here's where we publish promotional material that probably won't be grabbing any front pages.
I sat down next to the window and a shelf with heaps of promotional material on tourism in Hungary.