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promoter / промоутер, покровитель, подстрекатель
имя существительное
patron, protector, promoter, sponsor, angel, encourager
instigator, abettor, firebrand, incendiary, promoter, provoker
имя существительное
a person or thing that promotes something, in particular.
The fund raiser has been running now for over ten years and the committees extend thanks to all their supporters and promoters for their continued commitment.
Mitterrand was a fierce promoter of European integration
We established transgenes, allowing conditional expression of the mutant kinase under control of the heat-shock promoter .
a boxing promoter
However, in tobacco the same promoter directed GUS activity uniformly to the whole embryo.
The Rocky Mountain Institute, a leading promoter of alternative energy technology in Snowmass, Colorado, has embraced this strategy.
He was also an events promoter , notably organizing the Star Wars convention held in Montreal in '99.
Second, even the most vehement promoter of open-source coding has to admit that Microsoft's patents have had negligible impact on its market position.
He was a keen promoter and supporter of the Gaelic language and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Western Isles to improve his command of the language.
Boxing promoter Don King has a lot to be thankful for.
With the full promoter , GUS activity was predominantly in the gland cell, with less in the stalk cell adjacent to the gland, and in lower stalk cells.