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promontory / мыс, выступ
имя существительное
cape, promontory, headland, point, ness, horn
projection, ledge, protrusion, lip, lug, promontory
имя существительное
a point of high land that juts out into a large body of water; a headland.
a rocky promontory
This promontory , overlooking the narrow neck joining the peninsula to the mainland, constituted a protected yet strategic location.
a rocky promontory
These motions push the posterior shoulder over the sacral promontory , allowing it to fall into the hollow of the sacrum, and rotate the symphysis over the impacted shoulder.
You have to read your tides right - otherwise you could find yourself stranded on the rocky causeway that connects the promontory to the mainland.
Both ponds were divided from the lake by a low promontory of land that encircled them.
Survivors of the burning of Panama City in 1671 rebuilt a walled bastion on a rocky promontory to the west.
The castle was perched atop a promontory jutting from the foothill of a steep, ice-stained mountain whose angular cliffs rose tier after tier to a single high bluff of bare rock.
a rocky promontory
Regardless of how you get there, it is worth making a trip to the island's capital, which is built on a promontory that projects dramatically out into the sea.
I beached it in a small bay and clambered to a rocky promontory to admire the surrounding grandeur and check my progress.