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promo / рекламный
имя прилагательное
advertising, promotional, promo, public, public relations
имя существительное
ad, advertisement, declaration, announcement, advert, promo
рекламный материал
рекламный фильм или ролик
имя существительное
a piece of publicity or advertising, especially in the form of a short film or video.
taping a two-minute promo
The promo clips are thoughtful considering this is the second disc in the series.
First, Mick Foley cut an exceptional promo to explain his return to WWE.
Local cable partners will support with promo spots to encourage kids to sign up.
This is your typical promo spot for the film that adds little insight into the making of the movie.
It's supporting the promo with press advertising and in-store marketing.
a promo video
A teaser online promo began in February to help drive traffic between the partner sites.
Each disc contains two episodes with their original TV promo spots, which are quite fun to watch.
He is about to go around the world on a promo tour for his toy.
Damian Harris knows about the potential power of a good promo video.