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prominence / известность, выдающееся положение, протуберанец
имя существительное
fame, renown, prominence, notoriety, celebrity, repute
выдающееся положение
prominence, prominency
prominence, protuberance, prominency
имя существительное
the state of being important or famous.
she came to prominence as an artist in the 1960s
the fact or condition of standing out from something by physically projecting or being particularly noticeable.
radiographs showed enlargement of the right heart with prominence of the pulmonary outflow tract
However, he never came to prominence for developing his own positions on current political questions.
During this time, pressure on tissue over a bony prominence may not be relieved for hours.
The men who came to prominence in the late 1980s were very different.
Heart size and pulmonart vascular prominence depend on the size of shunt.
the steep, rocky prominence resembled a snow-capped mountain
He came to prominence following the riot in Bradford in 1995 when he helped arrange dialogue between police and young people, setting up the Young People's Forum as a result.
Why did Campbell assume such political prominence and power?
From this point in his career sculpture gradually gained prominence in his work.
the rocky prominence resembled a snow-capped mountain
Eleanor came to prominence during the 1990s with some highly acclaimed recordings.