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prometheus / Прометей
имя существительное
имя существительное
a demigod, one of the Titans, who was worshiped by craftsmen. When Zeus hid fire from man, Prometheus stole it by trickery and returned it to earth. As punishment, Zeus chained him to a rock where an eagle fed each day on his liver, which grew again each night; he was rescued by Hercules.
The modern popularity of the Promethean myth dates from the 1770s when Goethe came to see in the Titan a symbol of man's creative striving and of his revolt against the restraints of society and life.
The Revolutionaries and members of the Assembly created this Promethean idea of the sovereign individual taken out of his religious context, his origins, his environment and his social class.
Instead there is an Olympian, Promethean stature to the music, less human and more godly.
In the scarce hints to the techniques used by Frankenstein, Mary Shelley always uses the term ‘chemical’ for the instruments Frankenstein would have used in his Promethean undertaking.
This is more than a monument to Newton's genius; rather, it honors the Promethean scientist who unlocks the mysteries of the cosmos, thereby elevating all humankind to the level of the gods.