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prolong / продлить, продлевать, пролонгировать
prolong, extend
prolong, extend, elongate, prolongate, spread
prolong, prolongate
continue, go on, proceed, keep on, extend, prolong
defer, delay, postpone, stay, adjourn, prolong
extend the duration of.
an idea that prolonged the life of the engine by many years
When does medical care merely prolong a person's dying time?
Thus a diver may be tempted to prolong underwater duration by prior hyperventilation in order to wash out as much carbon dioxide as possible.
Many very interesting issues have been raised, and I think that we could prolong this debate for a long time.
Furthermore, advances in technology that needlessly prolong dying can be a threat to human dignity.
If so, it won't save the dollar, only prolong the agony.
Ice saline lavage does not serve a useful purpose and may prolong bleeding.
Magdalene had made it clear that she wanted everything done to prolong her survival.
Although this probably does prolong the duration of remission, it is unclear if it confers a survival benefit.
The idea of prolonging our lives may not be so appealing if we feel miserable and isolated.
This discovery increases and prolongs the bacterial killing power of chlorine bleach.