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proliferate / пролиферировать, распространяться, быстро увеличиваться
spread, propagate, circulate, cover, travel, proliferate
быстро увеличиваться
increase rapidly in numbers; multiply.
the science fiction magazines that proliferated in the 1920s
As stories like this proliferate , we become increasingly fearful for York's future.
They also proliferate , multiplying to increase the response to the wound.
the Mediterranean faces an ecological disaster if the seaweed continues to proliferate at its present rate
Several forms of cancer involve the inactivation of the apoptotic process, thus enabling the cancer cells to continue to proliferate .
This work tests the novel notion that cancer cells co-opt cellular pathways that govern metabolism in order to proliferate beyond a cell's normal means.
Upon muscle injury, these cells undergo mitosis, proliferate , form syncytium and ultimately form new skeletal myocytes.
Under typical growth conditions, on the other hand, persisters hardly grow at all, while normal cells rapidly proliferate .
Moreover, as regulations proliferate , there is increased demand for exceptions that can sensitively accommodate religious needs.
If standards slide as Asian clinics proliferate and competition increases, patients will suffer.
Thus, eye disc cells continue to proliferate until an even larger ecdysone pulse occurs during the middle of the pupal period.