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prolapse / пролапс, выпадение, опущение
имя существительное
prolapse, prolapsus
prolapse, fall, prolapsus, fallback, dropping-out
omission, prolapse, lowering, prolapsus
fall out, drop out, precipitate, come, misfire, prolapse
имя существительное
a slipping forward or down of one of the parts or organs of the body.
a rectal prolapse
(of a part or organ of the body) slip forward or down.
a prolapsed uterus
Videodefecography is specifically designed to evaluate evacuatory disorders such as rectal prolapse and rectocele.
The commonest cause of true sciatica is prolapse of intervertebral discs.
The two groups of women were comparable at baseline and reported similar low incidence of urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse .
Patients with pelvic organ prolapse have three treatment options: nonsurgical approaches, surgical approaches, and observation.
The cord complications seen in their study were thrombosis, cord prolapse , umbilical vessel rupture, true knot, and cord encirclement with strangulation.
Pelvic floor exercises may limit the progression of mild prolapse and alleviate mild prolapse symptoms such as low back ache and pelvic pressure.
Occasionally, an ileostomy or colostomy can prolapse or become narrowed, so blocking the passage of faeces.
Children may have high fever, rectal prolapse and convulsions.
Injury after childbirth usually involves all the pelvic floor and pelvic organ supports, although sometimes only one organ may prolapse .
In these cases there might be chronic bleeding, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse and other diseases.