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prohibitive / запретительный, препятствующий, запрещающий
имя прилагательное
prohibitive, prohibitory, interdictory, inhibitory
obstructive, prohibitive, obstructing, impedimental, inhibitory, prohibitory
prohibiting, prohibitory, inhibitory, prohibitive, restrictive, interdictory
excessively, overly, overmuch, over, unduly, prohibitive
имя прилагательное
(of a price or charge) excessively high; difficult or impossible to pay.
the costs involved were prohibitive
(especially of a law or rule) forbidding or restricting something.
prohibitive legislation
According to Foley, the casino's online status has allowed the company to sidestep the Irish government's prohibitive anti-casino legislation.
Indeed, in the case of certain drugs, the argument that the harms caused are not so great and the restrictions unduly limiting on lifestyle choices have made the prohibitive laws controversial and widely ignored.
Yet it is a tragic irony that despite a plethora of prohibitive laws and international conventions, this abominable child labor system has been thriving uninhibited.
Mr Parlon said the requirement in the Department of Agriculture protocol that a farmer who purchases an animal is prevented from selling any animal from his holding for a period of 20 days is extremely prohibitive .
The resources needed would be huge and even then the cost factor would prove prohibitive .
There were prohibitive laws stifling the development of Mozambique's indigenous manufacturing industry.
As late as 1971 there was a prohibitive law making the opening of supermarkets and hypermarkets dependent on the issue of three different types of licence and the approval of two distinct levels of government.
He wished to provide golf and other sporting facilities which families could use and enjoy without the cost being prohibitive .
We sold it because French tax law was very prohibitive concerning foreign inheritors.
The choreographer feels high ticket prices are prohibitive to most people and make the arts appear elitist.