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prohibition / запрет, запрещение, сухой закон
имя существительное
ban, prohibition, taboo, embargo, interdict, forbiddance
prohibition, ban, inhibition, interdiction, taboo, interdict
сухой закон
имя существительное
the action of forbidding something, especially by law.
they argue that prohibition of drugs will always fail
the prevention by law of the manufacture and sale of alcohol, especially in the US between 1920 and 1933.
Later, the islands were used as a smuggling stopover for arms in the civil war and for bootleg alcohol during Prohibition .
the prohibition on divorce and remarriage
Parliament has partly lifted the prohibition on imports and exports of cash via post deliveries.
The prohibition on retroactive penal legislation is linked to the right to a fair trial, as it is irrevocably an example of an unfair trial.
Any action carrying a risk of major disaster must be prohibited, regardless of the costs of prohibition .
Canadians have lost our sense of what is right and wrong over drug prohibition .
The prohibition on ‘common law’ crimes is a good thing even though injustice can result.
the prohibition of torture
As Epstein notes, making no exception to a general prohibition on the use of force is not an option.
they argue that prohibition of drugs will always fail
When it comes to local news, we will continue with our general prohibition on the use of anonymous sources.