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prohibit / запрещать, препятствовать, мешать
forbid, prohibit, ban, disable, disallow, inhibit
let, prevent, hinder, impede, inhibit, prohibit
interfere, disturb, prevent, stir, interrupt, prohibit
formally forbid (something) by law, rule, or other authority.
laws prohibiting cruelty to animals
Canadian law and its regulations do not prohibit off-label use of devices.
No disciplinary action was taken because our rules prohibit substances, not antibodies.
A low fluid level switch is provided to prohibit operation and prevent potential burnout if solution falls below a pre-set level.
The efficiency audit said there were too many vested local interests on health boards, which prevent change and prohibit the delivery of a value-for-money service.
I think it is fine to prohibit smoking when there are no other options.
What if circumstances prohibit us from pursuing anything further?
Encourage your child to get involved in activities that prohibit smoking, such as sports.
Mutation prevention is essential to prohibit a bacterium from developing resistance to antibiotics to which it is exposed.
What the regulations do is prohibit the importation of guns.
A few operators advocated province-wide regulations to prohibit smoking in all restaurants.