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progressive / прогрессивный, передовой, прогрессирующий
имя прилагательное
progressive, advanced, forward, onward, accelerating, forward-looking
advanced, forward, progressive, leading, foremost, innovative
progressive, progressing
имя существительное
прогрессивный деятель
член прогрессивной партии
имя прилагательное
happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.
a progressive decline in popularity
(of a group, person, or idea) favoring or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas.
a relatively progressive governor
denoting an aspect or tense of a verb that expresses an action in progress, e.g., am writing , was writing.
One has to say, rather, I am writing a letter, with the progressive aspect.
имя существительное
a person advocating or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas.
The task of creating a democracy based on citizenship, diversity and solidarity is a far more difficult task, but one which social liberals and left-wing progressives in political and civil society need to take on.
a progressive tense or aspect.
the present progressive
each of a set of proofs of color work, showing all the colors separately and the cumulative effect of overprinting them.
Gradual, progressive resistance is a far more effective - and safe - way to increase muscle strength.
An elderly black woman was readmitted to the hospital from a nursing home because of progressive weakness.
Each new technical innovation has represented a progressive leap forward toward a better future.
The typical model of cancer palliative care might not suit people who have a gradual, progressive decline with unpredictable exacerbations.
The report also recommends that people with progressive conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, should be covered from the time of diagnosis.
This is a case in point to indicate that land-based property taxes are progressive .
I developed progressive MS late in life at age 46 after three years of very stressful work.
With their eleventh release Canada's progressive minstrels have hunkered down and created their best since '93's Whale Music.
In contrast, tumors and ototoxic medications produce slowly progressive unilateral or bilateral lesions.
Three progressive stages of coding in the grounded theory method are open coding, axial coding, and selective coding.