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progression / прогрессия, прогресс, продвижение
имя существительное
progress, progression, advancement, advance, headway, go-ahead
promotion, strides, advance, progress, advancement, progression
sequence, consistency, order, succession, continuity, progression
movement, motion, traffic, move, stir, progression
имя существительное
a movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state, especially gradually or in stages.
the normal progression from junior to senior status
To compensate the hip joint and especially the knee has to modify its movement to maintain stability and progression during walking.
Even though the sets never change or move, there is still a sense of progression and movement within the plays.
a blues progression
Her story, on the larger scope, is one of dynamics with no movement, movement but no progression , reaching an end that is by no means a relief.
Taken as a whole, the project creates a progression of refractions, a series of cleavages that structure the contraction of the landscape.
the vista unfolds in a progression of castles and vineyards as seemingly endless as the Rhine itself
their mode of progression through the forest
their mode of progression through the forest
With proper form and progression , certain athletes may be able to descend further.
The absence of skips is less surprising, however, when one considers that the trend is not produced by a progression within a single lineage.