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programmatic / программный
имя прилагательное
program, programmatic, programme
имя прилагательное
of the nature of or according to a program, schedule, or method.
a programmatic approach to change
The volume is programmatic in its approach to the status of CEBs.
The novel, though sometimes programmatic , can be a lot of fun.
While not strictly programmatic , MacDowell's writing evokes heroes, villains, fair ladies, and life-and-death combats.
Even at this early stage, the non-party has 70 regional branches, which will discuss the programmatic paper.
Without becoming programmatic , the Overture evokes both nobility and its degradation, as they apply to Shakespeare's character.
The book offers few broad programmatic prescriptions, but several follow logically from the book's evidence.
Apart from the Faust music, his most remarkable work is the programmatic symphonic poem Macbeth.
We transform study into training such that the university becomes entirely programmatic and oriented to the economy.
I think we've all agreed that our approach has been a bit too long on programmatic details and a bit too short on the vision thing.
The symphonies are more like a ‘fantasy or overture’ and the two here are both programmatic .