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program / программа, план, спектакль
имя существительное
program, schedule, scheme, project, blueprint, instruction
plan, outline, schedule, scheme, blueprint, program
performance, play, show, spectacle, theatrical, program
representation, presentation, idea, represent, submission, program
program, programme
составлять программу
program, programme
имя прилагательное
program, programmatic, programme
имя существительное
a planned series of future events, items, or performances.
a weekly program of films
a sheet or booklet giving details of items or performers at an event or performance.
a theater program
a presentation or item on radio or television, especially one broadcast regularly between stated times.
a nature program
a series of coded software instructions to control the operation of a computer or other machine.
Processing power, therefore, is increasingly determined by software that compiles computer programs into machine code.
provide (a computer or other machine) with coded instructions for the automatic performance of a particular task.
it is a simple matter to program the computer to recognize such symbols
arrange according to a plan or schedule.
we learn how to program our own lives consciously
In order to use FTP, you'll need to download and install a software program on your computer.
we learn how to program our own lives consciously
a weekly program of films
We had spent the last hour and a half trying to program our computer to make pretty patterns but all we got was a line, a squiggle and crashing computers.
the nuclear power program
People are used to point and click, not having to program in a time and channel to get something to record.
the station does not program enough contemporary works
The Center sponsors an educational outreach program in neighboring high schools and elementary schools and 32 national sites.
The visual form of data from a computer program is received and stored in a database.
Iowa State has created a mentoring program for college students planning development careers.