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prognostication / прогнозирование, предсказание, предзнаменование
имя существительное
prediction, divination, forecast, oracle, prognostication, augury
omen, portent, sign, augury, presage, prognostication
имя существительное
the action of foretelling or prophesying future events.
an unprecedented amount of soul-searching and prognostication
Around this time in every midterm election cycle, the vultures of political prognostication begin hovering over incumbents in trouble.
It was white and blank, an enticement for cartographical prognostication .
I'm not in the business of prognostication , so, I don't know what the history books will say.
I particularly like the prognostication about future market consolidation.
According to some expert prognostication on the Web, the king of natural resources may, once again, be consumed and wasted in spectacular wildfires.
Surgery allows the complete excision of a tumour and lymph nodes and full histological examination for staging, which has implications for prognostication and assessing the need for adjuvant radiotherapy.
an unprecedented amount of soul-searching and prognostication
Astrology gained in status during the Gupta period and moved beyond mere prognostication of birthmarks and foretelling of the future by interpretation of dreams and facial features.
When we continue, the editors of the nation's leading business magazines will join us for their thoughts on the week's developments and give us their best prognostication about what we can expect in the week ahead.
This description of ‘what is to take place hereafter’ is not a prognostication of events in any distant future but a declaration of what is right around the comer, the certain consequences of present conduct.