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prognosis / прогноз
имя существительное
forecast, prognosis, prediction
имя существительное
the likely course of a disease or ailment.
the disease has a poor prognosis
They seem not to appreciate that patients may want to be given as accurate a prognosis as possible despite knowing that effective treatment may not be available if more widespread disease is diagnosed.
These questions are required to be answered with a medical opinion and a prognosis taking into account the plaintiff's injuries and the degree of his recovery.
At the NCB event RBS stressed that it did not accept the gloomy prognosis for the Irish economy that is prevalent in the British media.
Data collected from twenty-seven countries in the region project a gloomy prognosis .
the disease has a poor prognosis
He gave the Cabinet a deeply gloomy prognosis about the effects of prolonged conflict on an already stuttering world economy.
the disease has a poor prognosis
Once clinical cardiovascular disease develops, these patients have a poorer prognosis than normoglycemic patients.
The factors that determine prognosis and evolution of the disease are poorly understood.
Markets remained skittish and nervous, always ready to believe the latest scare story or gloomy prognosis .