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progeny / потомство, потомок, последователи
имя существительное
progeny, seed, posterity, breed, issue, generation
descendant, child, offspring, descendent, scion, progeny
following, progeny
имя существительное
a descendant or the descendants of a person, animal, or plant; offspring.
the progeny of mixed marriages
The owner can also look forward to years of income from stud fees, at least until it is discovered whether the progeny can run as well as the father.
What fate befell their progeny in the flood remains to be seen.
It is clear that the measure of damages arises from the animal itself, not from its future progeny .
When poor people lose any hope for their future, the only hope left will be invested in their progeny .
The entire progeny issued from a cross on a petri dish was recovered on its lid.
He has since made his presence felt by producing quality, easy calving progeny .
The progeny are usually sold as registered lambs or yearlings of both sexes.
How many fathers get thrown in jail for failing to ensure that their progeny attend school regularly?
Mr Kelly said that of particular interest for the visitors to the farm were the first time calvers and their progeny .
They will know that the progeny of these dogs is absolutely genuine and that there is no falsifying of records.