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prog / еда, пища, пища для ума
имя существительное
food, meal, eating, fare, meat, prog
food, nutrition, meat, diet, nourishment, prog
пища для ума
mental pabulum, prog
имя прилагательное
(of rock music) progressive.
prog rock bands
Hot and eager, they enthusiastically blasted out the new school equivalent of prog rock to a constantly growing crowd.
Songs meander with forgettable melodies and all kinds of twists and turns that bear no relationship to one another, other than that they're all copped from 70s glam rock, prog rock and funk.
At this point the band were more psychedelic fledglings than soaring prog jazz birds of paradise.
Well, anyone who enjoyed prog rock, punk, acid house or jungle will see the truth in this, but it's nevertheless interesting to note that there are plenty of people who have liked this stuff.
The first part of this is ambitious, with strong echoes of 70s prog rock and Miles Davis, and it does work.
Replace hard rock, piano balladry, and opera with death metal, prog rock, and emo, and the result is one of the most intensely colorful albums you'll hear this year.
Listening to Evergrey is like taking a graduate level course in prog rock.
If it weren't for his decidedly odd interpretation of what it is to be a lead singer of a fruity Seventies prog band, this band wouldn't have been worth the trouble whatsoever.
Fortunately, it turned out they too spoke the international language of prog rock or whatever musical abomination he was riffing on at the time.
When people think of psychedelic music and prog rock, they think of them as taking you someplace that is cosmic and untainted by anything bad.