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profuse / богатый, изобильный, щедрый
имя прилагательное
rich, wealthy, affluent, abundant, full, profuse
plentiful, fertile, affluent, profuse
generous, lavish, bountiful, handsome, bounteous, profuse
имя прилагательное
(especially of something offered or discharged) exuberantly plentiful; abundant.
I offered my profuse apologies
Caution is necessary when performing venipuncture, lymph node biopsy, and bronchoscopy because there may be profuse bleeding due to the high venous pressures in the head and neck.
The surgery proceeds without incident until suddenly profuse bleeding begins at the surgical site.
I was collapsing numerous times each day and later, very much later, of course, I was diagnosed with profuse bleeding in my stomach.
Frankly, I found his profuse apologies and repeated bowing a bit embarrassing.
Amid profuse offers of distilled beverages, baloney sandwiches, and hard-boiled eggs, I got in the car and drove off.
The collision caused severe skin wounds of the eyebrows and profuse bleeding in both players.
Please, nevertheless, accept our profuse and sincere apologies for this incident.
Besides, politicians were profuse enough, serving mostly to stagnate government and delay any true progress.
My brother and his wife were profuse in their appreciation.
It appeared with profuse apologies from our temporary waitress.