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profundity / пропасть, огромная глубина
имя существительное
abyss, precipice, gulf, chasm, deep, profundity
огромная глубина
profundity, profoundness
имя существительное
deep insight; great depth of knowledge or thought.
the simplicity and profundity of the message
Here was intellectual brilliance aligned with spiritual profundity .
In the meantime, the left's principal activists and opinion-makers should remember 1984 and be much more prudent with words that should never be stripped of their intended profundity .
It locates the sources of poetic excellence in the profundity of the writer's emotions and the seriousness of his thought.
The very simplicity belies the profundity of the philosophy, for each title reflects a much deeper insight into a given problem and often, at the same time, hints at the mode of operation to be employed.
The moments of emotional profundity here are golden and will suffice.
He doesn't try to impress readers, or mistake obfuscation for profundity; he knows, on the contrary, that profundity and simplicity go hand in hand.
I can only describe the experience as a combination of profundity and sweetness.
Everything is done with exaggerated slowness, which seems a rather cheap way of adding profundity to some fairly simplistic ideas about war not being a very good thing.
the profundity of her misery
The profundity of Buddhist philosophy is also worthy of perseverance: it contains some of the most radical propositions in the history of human thought.