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profoundly / глубоко
deep, deeply, profoundly, in depth, inly
to a profound extent; extremely.
a profoundly disturbing experience
in a profound way; greatly.
he profoundly altered the whole course of my life
he profoundly altered the whole course of my life
It was widely acclaimed and it profoundly boosted the study of ancient life.
It was just an ongoing horror through profoundly depressed landscape.
Those assumptions are important because they so profoundly define us.
The lung/air sac system of birds profoundly affects their physiology.
Modern Britain has also been profoundly shaped by its relations with continental Europe.
The fall of the Berlin Wall didn't claim any victims, but it did profoundly change the geopolitical scene.
On the contrary, they are often profoundly religious.
Monster is both an incredible trip and a profoundly glum experience.
Many more are still alive, but profoundly vulnerable.