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profitable / доходный, прибыльный, выгодный
имя прилагательное
profitable, commercial, lucrative, gainful, paying, payable
profitable, lucrative, moneymaking, gainful, commercial, juicy
profitable, advantageous, beneficial, lucrative, expedient, paying
имя прилагательное
(of a business or activity) yielding profit or financial gain.
Merchants and financiers soon realized that investing in science could be a profitable business.
beneficial; useful.
he'd had a profitable day
They expect to run the museum as a profitable business, at least in the summer.
It was a familiar setting and they were both looking forward to renewing a profitable business partnership.
Handsome buildings, profitable businesses and community focal points are being lost.
it's a profitable business
Farming is still profitable in spite of a sharp increase in the prices of agricultural inputs.
Noor said that she was merely taking advantage of a potentially profitable situation.
The enormous rise in premiums has made an unprofitable business profitable again.
Cultural solutions are more valuable and profitable than technological solutions.
Intel has been doing this kind of thing for years, and in the past has built quite a profitable business out of it.
The city's latest ranking as the top dog number one place in Britain to do profitable business testifies to that.