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profile / профиль, очертание, контур
имя существительное
profile, section, shape, contour, side view, cutout
outline, shape, cutout, form, contour, profile
circuit, contour, outline, path, profile, line
profile, shape
рисовать в профиль
изображать в профиле
имя существительное
an outline of something, especially a person's face, as seen from one side.
the man turned and she caught his profile
a short article giving a description of a person or organization.
a profile of a Texas tycoon
a graphical or other representation of information relating to particular characteristics of something, recorded in quantified form.
the blood profiles of cancer patients
the extent to which a person or organization attracts public notice.
raising the profile of women in industry
describe (a person or organization, especially a public figure) in a short article.
he was to profile each candidate
represent in outline from one side.
he was standing motionless, profiled on the far side of the swimming pool
His most recent feature article was a profile of Elaine Pagels in the November 2004 issue.
I came out of the shower not too long ago and looked at my side profile in the mirror.
I understand the primary focus of the article was to profile the artist and not to discuss a political situation in a third-world country.
raising the profile of women in industry
Our overarching goal is to both provide a needed community service, and to raise the profile and public visibility of the Alabama State Nurses Association.
The profile is the cross-section of a wheel (looking head on).
Lynn was wearing too much makeup, like always, and her side profile made her nose look like it protruded too far out from the rest of her face.
He wrote a short profile on each member of the panel that was on board the plane that evening.
The river profile and the integrity of the stream channel are not besmirched by watering stock, gravel mining or indiscriminate recreational use.
It is likely that because of reflectance from the chamber walls the vertical profile of PPFD is altered, especially during episodes of direct sunshine.