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professor / профессор, преподаватель, профессор университета
имя существительное
professor, prof, academic, Dryasdust
teacher, instructor, lecturer, professor, academic, reader
профессор университета
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a teacher of the highest rank in a college or university.
They supported charitable foundations, gave money to local hospitals and churches, subsidized chairs for university professors .
a person who affirms a faith in or allegiance to something.
the professors of true religion
There is a spiritual basis to their lives with Saul a professor of religious philosophy and a scholar of the Kabbal.
In a very heart searching way, Bunyan reveals the difference between a true Christian who struggles and fights against sin and a false professor who manifests no spiritual transformation.
There are, however, times when the balancing act of being both a college professor and a teacher of young children can get frustrating.
Now in his 80s, he has been a successful artist for the past 40 years while continuing his career as a college professor in the State University system of California.
a professor of Art History
Singer, though, isn't a secondary school teacher but a professor of bioethics at Princeton.
But he soon left to join the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos as a lecturer, rising through the ranks to become a professor and head of department of paediatrics.
In the King tradition, Dyson is a Baptist minister and a learned academic, now a professor at DePaul University.
Before joining Stanford in 1998, Hammond was a professor at Columbia University's Teachers College.
Would a chair professor of literature at Yale University be allowed to conduct serially personal liaisons with female graduate students over his entire career across decades?