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profanity / профанация, богохульство
имя существительное
profanation, profanity, desecration, defilement
blasphemy, profanity, oath, swear
имя существительное
blasphemous or obscene language.
an outburst of profanity
Despite gospel-centred ministries, and various societies dedicated to moral reform, homosexuality, profanity , immorality, drunkenness and gluttony were widespread.
Religious scholars and students were moved by it as a piece of Jewish and Israeli literature that functioned neither as a traditional religious text nor as a profanity of sacred ideas.
Janis Joplin is fined $200 for violating local profanity and obscenity laws for her performance after a concert in Tampa, Florida.
This is a clash between piety and profanity , between light and darkness, between the path to Paradise and the way to Hell.
The question of sanctity versus profanity is one which every Pagan, Wiccan, or Witch confronts and comes to terms with at some point on their spiritual path.
Similarly, don't use profanity , obscenity, slander or libel.
Others, touching on areas that range from elements of sexuality, to the treatment of the dead and dying, to bodily indignity and even profanity and sacrilege, are of course more controversial.
But the key words in understanding swearing, as opposed to coarse language or mere profanity , are taboo and shock.
The profanity of medieval gargoyles contrast with sacred images decorating doorways and the interior of churches, though grotesque imagery on a smaller scale is found here too.
Now let me be quite clear that I'm not the kind of person given to the use of profanity or offensive language.