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prod / тыкать, колоть, подгонять
poke, dab, prod, jab, thrust, shove
prick, prickle, thrust, crack, stick, prod
match, urge, hurry, rush, prod, goad
имя существительное
poke, header, prod, dig, bondstone, bonder
push, impetus, impulse, thrust, kick, prod
awl, bodkin, pricker, bradawl, piercer, prod
имя существительное
a poke with a finger, foot, or pointed object.
he gave the wire netting an experimental prod
a pointed implement, typically one discharging an electric current and used as a goad.
a cattle prod
poke (someone) with a finger, foot, or pointed object.
he prodded her in the ribs to stop her snoring
He touched her with the prod and an electric current shot through her.
Poppa had a glass prod inside the tank, poking at her and recording her ferocity.
And I write the update as if any reader, given a little prod , will see the joke.
A freshly-prepared, dark mint chocolate souffle deflates wonderfully with the first prod from my partner, lusciously paired with bountiful coconut ice cream encased in a fortune cookie.
A card full of love and silly jokes, and a gentle prod to point me back to my Bible, starting with the bits that I love.
a cattle prod
he has been trying to prod the White House into launching an antipoverty program
The electric prod can be used in rodeos by approved people, however the electric prod should be used with certain restrictions.
he gave the wire netting an experimental prod
I've done what I could, which obviously is not much, to prod the country to move on the drug war.