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procurer / поставщик, сводник
имя существительное
provider, purveyor, producer, contractor, caterer, procurer
pimp, procurer, pander, cadet, go-between
имя существительное
a person who obtains a woman as a prostitute for another person.
Nor were women the only targets of these deportations: men believed to be involved as procurers or associates of prostitutes were also excluded.
A British man was arrested for filming and performing sexual acts with young boys and a Thai part-time fortuneteller has been charged with acting as a procurer .
Howard was effectively acting as a procurer , as a pimp.
I think it's probably one of those vicious circles - as long as it is considered ‘shameful’ to be a sex trade worker, it will be considered shameful to be a procurer , and vice versa.
Another procurer is awaiting trial in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu accused of selling 200 women.
He acted as chauffeur and procurer of prostitutes and was more like a paid private assistant.
When officers investigated they discovered that she was working at a bar in South Pattaya and acting as a procurer for the sexual services of her eight-year-old daughter.
Some of those disability providers have ended up in a very invidious and ambiguous situation of acting, basically, as a procurer to obtain sex for their clients.
A restaurant manager gave him a job frying chicken but that manager turned out to be a procurer of talent for the sex business.
The man was an Arab of upper class, he was a procurer of women for Middle Eastern men of high rank, and he claimed that he had brought women in for the Middle Eastern embassies in Washington.
Have you ever unlawfully distributed or sold controlled substances, or been a prostitute or procurer for prostitutes?