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procurement / приобретение, поставка, сводничество
имя существительное
acquisition, purchase, acquiring, obtaining, procurement, acquirement
supply, delivery, procurement, purveyance
procurement, procuration
имя существительное
the action of obtaining or procuring something.
financial assistance for the procurement of legal advice
This budget abandons all hope of reforming wasteful military procurement and distorts America's priorities at home and abroad.
Mechanisms to coordinate the countries' efforts in the production and procurement of arms and military equipment were put in place.
Weapons systems procurement should be driven by military strategies developed by the defense ministry to respond to current and potential threats.
They occasionally weigh in on defense production and procurement and military judicial matters.
So without a substantial increase in arms and equipment procurement the Armed Forces defense capabilities could decline considerably.
The national defense law, on the other hand, stipulates that any procurement of military weaponry should be carried out by the defense ministry.
The benefit increases exponentially when a higher priority is placed on the additional procurement of equipment for the Army Reserve.
The marketing plan includes procurement of nuts at the appropriate time and giving the best price to the farmer.
Military procurement has veered away from traditional land-based weapons toward an air-sea capability that protects offshore territory.
financial assistance for the procurement of legal advice