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procure / обеспечивать, добывать, доставать
provide, ensure, procure, insure, assure, guarantee
extract, mine, obtain, get, make, procure
get, take, reach, fetch, procure, provide
obtain (something), especially with care or effort.
food procured for the rebels
persuade or cause (someone) to do something.
he procured his wife to sign the agreement
Questionnaires regarding Community Childcare were sent out to families in the Aghamore area during the week in an effort to procure affordable childcare facilities in the region.
He served as bodyguard to a young boy prince from some European country and had to procure hookers for the 12-year-old.
All subjects had participated in an earlier experiment in which they pecked at black and white symbols to procure food rewards.
In an effort to procure tickets, I called All Sport Promotions, which has a fine record in promoting sports tours such as the recent match in Bahrain.
The man was charged with using the Internet to procure a child under 16, using the Internet to expose a child to indecent material and possession of tainted property relating to computers.
Those provisions exist largely because it is recognised that people who operate brothels, who procure and live off the earnings of prostitutes, are essentially in an exploitative relationship.
No, it's being done in the best model of pork barrel politics where the Administration's friends procure multi-billion dollar contracts in a secret process hidden from any public scrutiny.
he haunted railway stations to procure young girls for immoral purposes
This promoted the idea that as long as the reasons for failure were documented, nations could undertake efforts to engineer and procure solutions as required.
The obstruct justice charge related to an attempt to procure a witness to claim he had been driving the vehicle and had left before the police arrived.