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proctor / проктор, поверенный
имя существительное
proctor, prog
attorney, procurator, proctor, man of business
имя существительное
a person who monitors students during an examination.
In reality, the examiners help the proctors in all the counting and recounting, both to save time and because it's also their necks on the line if anything goes missing.
an officer (usually one of two) at certain universities, appointed annually and having mainly disciplinary functions.
The kilt ban was sparked after university proctors - officials responsible for student discipline - complained about the variety of flamboyant clothing being worn to graduations.
serve as a proctor.
The students are taking the exam in two different rooms, so I did not want to proctor .
Chief proctor and Head of the Department of Urdu of Government Raza PT College, Khan had devoted his life to the service of Urdu.
This resolves many issues, mainly the increasing issue of false fire-alarms, proctor issues and abnormal waiting periods between exams.
A Calvinist proctor in the nineteenth century had noticed its contributors were all insubordinates and shut it down: by fines or flogging where possible, arson where not.
Tristyn cautiously pulled out her small box of colored pencils, taking precautions not to disturb the proctor .
A proctor read the scales out loud to the students with learning disabilities, since their reading levels were generally low and they tended to have difficulty with the instructions.
He was known for his mysterious changes in status, for at one time he might be a lackey, the next a noble, then a musketeer to an abbe or all the way to being a proctor .
The proctor will administer tests and act as liaison with Purdue University.
Mr. Landon had called out sick, and the proctor assigned to our 8th period Literature class dismissed us early for the weekend.
I don't stay in the room the whole time like a regular proctor .
Any students enrolled in the program will require a proctor at their plant or office location.