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procreate / производить потомство, порождать
производить потомство
generate, spawn, originate, engender, breed, procreate
(of people or animals) produce young; reproduce.
species that procreate by copulation
The clearing out of the infant nasal passages is not something I signed up for when I acted on my biological urge to procreate .
The ennui among young Germans is such that couples cannot be bothered to procreate in numbers sufficient to sustain the population.
There was no pleasure or love in the gesture at all - just a barbaric ritual that her species seemed to perform in order to procreate .
The Rome-based gynaecologist first came to world attention after injecting sperm into the female egg to help men with very low sperm counts procreate .
It would have been a simpler world, plus it would have doubled our species capacity to procreate and survive.
The termination of menstruation means the ending of a woman's biological obligation to procreate .
Even animals have their mates, although some just procreate and leave.
A common argument against gay marriage is that marriage is for procreation and gay couples cannot procreate .
It seems that the sole purpose for an animal's existence is to mate and procreate for the survival of their species.
species that procreate by copulation