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proclaim / провозглашать, объявлять, говорить
proclaim, declare, promulgate, enunciate, propose, acclaim
declare, announce, proclaim, advertise, pronounce, herald
say, speak, tell, talk, refer, proclaim
announce officially or publicly.
the joint manifesto proclaimed that imperialism would be the coalition's chief objective
William Hague can proclaim that he will cut taxes and boost spending until he is blue in the face.
It is too early to proclaim that things are spinning into control on the nonproliferation front.
When they are captured, they will often loudly proclaim their innocence.
Other Canadian towns and cities have been criticized for refusing to officially proclaim gay pride days.
The bill also authorized the president to proclaim that Americans traveling on belligerents' ships did so at their own risk.
All those Africa charity ads proclaim the same message.
Why not proclaim to the world in decisive terms our own importance?
Even some go so far as to proclaim that communism is a state form of Christianity.
Al-Jazeera broadcast a videotape in which he proclaimed that the United States will be defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan.
MicronPC, the USA's third biggest direct PC vendor, this week proclaimed its second profitable quarter in a row.