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proceeds / выручка, доход, вырученная сумма
имя существительное
proceeds, earnings, gain, receipts, takings, take
income, revenue, earnings, proceeds, profit, yield
вырученная сумма
имя существительное
money obtained from an event or activity.
proceeds will help purchase new equipment
begin or continue a course of action.
we can proceed with our investigation
This is a charity event, with the proceeds going to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation.
The proceeds from this event will go towards the ‘Concern Challenge In the Andes’ in which Sheila will be taking part next month.
This is a singles event and all proceeds will go to Croí and Mayo Cancer Support Group.
The £3,000 proceeds from December's event were handed over on Saturday at the air ambulance base at Leeds-Bradford Airport.
All the money is suspected to be related to the proceeds of criminal activity.
While the final financial report of the world championships is not yet available, the meeting was told that the proceeds from the event will help establish an MCA Capital Fund.
As this is a charitable event, proceeds will be donated to the Alberta Children's Hospital and a student scholarship fund.
Virgo Event Management plans to observe World AIDS Day in association with Rotary Clubs and hand over the proceeds of the event to Hope Foundation.
The proceeds raised at the event will go to the Kerry Hospice Foundation, a very worthy cause.
As the beneficiary charity selected by the Mayo Rose of Tralee committee, they will receive a cheque for €1377.00 from the proceeds of the event.