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proceedings / труды, работа, заседание
имя существительное
proceedings, transactions, transaction
working, work, job, operation, labor, proceedings
meeting, session, sitting, proceedings, seance
имя существительное
an event or a series of activities involving a formal or set procedure.
you complete a form to start proceedings
The personal applicant was a defendant in civil penalty proceedings in the Supreme Court.
The anchor tried to pep up the proceedings with titbits and comments on every participant.
By doing so will that mean that this case is referred to County Court proceedings ?
If you want to read the entire proceedings of World Youth Day, the laundry list can be found here.
He was 57 years old at the time of the events with which these proceedings are concerned.
Five demonstrators were arrested at the end of the protest, when proceedings had all but ended.
For this reason, you would have to start legal proceedings against both the contractor and the gas company.
In addition, as a matter of practice, judicial review proceedings took a number of months.
It is a delicate task to choreograph the proceedings in such a way as to sidestep them.
With David Chapman conducting proceedings , the concerts promise to be splendid affairs.