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probity / честность, неподкупность
имя существительное
honesty, integrity, fairness, probity, honor, uprightness
probity, incorruptibility, incorruption
имя существительное
the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency.
financial probity
financial probity
The Qur'an does not clearly define any of these categories, but presumes a certain amount of moral probity on part of the reader.
Since he first gained national prominence 25 years ago as an earnest left-wing firebrand, his name has been a byword for probity and decency.
The many achievements of Scottish insurance companies are witness to the talent within them and the high standards of integrity and probity they employ.
financial probity
This they seem to regard as a mighty temple of moral probity and rhetorical genius.
We want all persons in Bahamian public life to act with probity , decorum, honesty and forthrightness.