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probiotic / пробиотик
имя существительное
a probiotic substance or preparation.
For example, say some researchers, purified probiotic DNA or irradiated probiotics may be safer than viable preparations, and could be used by people with compromised immune systems.
имя прилагательное
denoting a substance that stimulates the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties (such as those of the intestinal flora).
Not to be confused with probiotics, prebiotics are those substances that stimulate growth of probiotic organisms.
Several studies have uncovered the potential benefits of probiotic strains on lowering cholesterol, thereby lowering the risk of heart disease.
Inulin, a carbohydrate or fructooligosaccharide derived typically from chicory root, is a soluble-dietary fiber that has application as a prebiotic or stimulant of probiotic bacteria.
In coming years, we can expect to see probiotic cheeses and even ice-creams coming onto the market.
The differences were reduced when adjusted for age, but the authors conclude that probiotic milk could provide a useful public health intervention.
Current evidence supports the concept that oral administration of probiotic therapies may be beneficial in a multitude of disorders both inside and outside the gastrointestinal tract.
Most stakeholders have indicated support for the change - after all, the survival and growth of live probiotic bacteria are essential if the consumer is to realize any health benefits, right?
A dietary fiber derived from the chicory root, inulin has been shown to stimulate the growth and activity of probiotic cultures, aid in the digestive process and boost calcium absorption.
To combat the problems of gastrointestinal infection, a probiotic must be non-pathogenic and must act against pathogens by different mechanisms from antibiotics for example, by competition.
More studies are needed to confirm the efficacy of probiotic prophylaxis.
Industry experts believe not only a brighter future looms, but also that dairy foods and beverages provide the best vehicle for delivering probiotic bacteria to benefit intestinal health.