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probe / зонд, щуп, расследование
имя существительное
probe, catheter, stylet, sound, explorer, pathfinder
probe, sound, tester, pathfinder
investigation, inquiry, probe, inquisition, detection, probing
explore, investigate, examine, study, research, probe
probe, sound, explore, search
investigate, inquire into, probe, try, detect, go into
имя существительное
a blunt-ended surgical instrument used for exploring a wound or part of the body.
The surgeon passes the probe over the surgical site again and excises more specimen if elevated radioactive readings continue to occur.
physically explore or examine (something) with the hands or an instrument.
researchers probing the digestive glands of mollusks
A snap-on clip that attaches to the center of the probe and acts as a guide for the exploring needle is included.
If a lesion is embedded in the wall of the colon, that part of the colon can be removed laparoscopically using a laparoscopic radiographic probe .
The 767 aircraft can be modified to accommodate refuelling wingpods and a centreline hose for probe and drogue refuelling.
These fibres were steadily improved and eventually resulted in the needle probe which is inserted by means of a guide cannula into the tissue.
a probe into city hall corruption
The PC, who has 13 years' service, was suspended with pay pending a probe into the matter, before Paul gave orders to charge him.
A federal probe into the matter has been going on since October.
Modifications to the aircraft structure have been incorporated to allow the installation of a fixed detachable probe for in-flight refuelling.
The arrests followed Operation Norfolk, a probe into drug trafficking conducted by the National Crime Squad.
To do this, the RNFA placed sterile gel in the end of the sterile sleeve, placed the probe in the sleeve, and placed the probe in the groin area with a small amount of pressure.