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probationer / стажер, испытуемый, кандидат в члены
имя существительное
trainee, probationer, improver
testee, probationer
кандидат в члены
probationer, probationer member
имя существительное
a person who is serving a probationary or trial period in a job or position to which they are newly appointed.
Training thrust and needs for Indian Forest Service probationers and performance evaluation of officers at field level was also discussed.
‘I had already been awarded probationer for the year for Wiltshire, but it I was completely surprised to get this nomination,’ he said.
He will graduate in April 2006, but he has already worked as a probationer in an auditing company for more than a year.
After joining York and North-East Yorkshire police force in 1969 as a 20-year-old probationer he served in Bridlington and Withernsea before returning to his native York.
Bexley police have a regular flow of probationer police officers arriving straight from the police training college at Hendon.
He was very polite about this but, as a probationer , anxious to do the right thing and unsure what this might be when it involved dealing with the public.
The authority had agreed to take part in the Scottish Executive's scheme to guarantee each new trainee teacher a probationer place at a school in Scotland.
The move follows a drop in demand for student places and a reduction in the stage II probationer training from 15 to 12 weeks.
There are 533 students and probationer gardaí in Templemore, of which 353 are males and 180 female.
Probation departments are arming their officers as the number of probationers increases and the officers' duties become more dangerous due to increased home and neighbourhood visits.
I am just going to look at Denise, but I am going to say, yes, first of all, we do accept part-time probationers ; I am positive of that.