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probate / заверенная копия завещания
имя существительное
заверенная копия завещания
утверждать завещание
имя существительное
the official proving of a will.
the will was in probate
establish the validity of (a will).
You will either need to conduct a normal probate, commonly known as an independent administration, or you might be able to conduct a simplified form of probate called probating the will as a muniment of title.
a probate court
Such tours will offer commentary and interpretation, so that a document such as a probate inventory, for example, will reveal to students the sorts of things it has revealed to historians.
Careful planning makes it possible to avoid conflicts between co-owners and heirs, provide liquidity to heirs, maximize the practice's value and avoid probate .
I do not accept that a rate ascertained in that way is a fair measure for a solicitor's hourly rate in dealing with a quite complicated probate matter.
While a spousal property petition avoids the larger cost and delay of the administration of a full probate , it still results in an increased cost and delay to the surviving spouse.
A copy of the probate certificate was e-mailed last week to an American in Hyattsville, Maryland.
Because a claim like that has to be brought within six months from the date of grant of probate .
Dunagan notes that assets transferred in a trust are immediately available to his heirs, saving them the time and expense of probate court.
In the Judson family files there is a copy of the probate inventory for Abner's father, also named Abner, taken in 1775.
This was settled late last year and agreement was made in probate court.