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probabilistic / вероятностный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
based on or adapted to a theory of probability; subject to or involving chance variation.
the main approaches are either rule-based or probabilistic
The time to resume operations is a key datum in probabilistic risk assessment.
Admitting an applicant with high grades, then, is a probabilistic judgment based on the group to which he belongs.
Around this time Menger's interests in mathematics broadened and he began to work on hyperbolic geometry, probabilistic geometry and the algebra of functions.
Indeed, agent causation is consistent with its being the case that probabilistic laws of nature apply as thoroughly to human beings and their behavior as such laws apply to anything else.
This is an attractively written systematic exposition of the basic probabilistic methods of congestion theory.
Given that we exist in a probabilistic universe, one cannot say that anything absolutely will happen.
Indeed, contemporary physics tells us the actual world abounds with probabilistic processes that are causal in character.
Plant fate maps are thus more probabilistic and are based on indirect methods.
Maps of probabilistic risk give an idea of the underlying statistical uncertainty, as is done in calculating insurance risk.
Extrapolations are logical and centered on lessons to be learned, rather than based on statistical, probabilistic rules.