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proactive / упреждающий
preventive, proactively
  • proactive measures - профилактические меры
  • proactive protection - проактивная защита
  • proactive steps - превентивные шаги
active, initiative
  • proactive approach - активный подход
имя прилагательное
(of a person, policy, or action) creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.
be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems
He's doing and saying a lot of stuff that seems very proactive and often quite responsible.
She said it is crucial that organisations have a proactive rather than reactive outlook.
The potential value of this proactive approach to dealing with the hypoxia of high altitude is still being clarified.
So what policing there is tends to be reactive, rather than proactive .
This second category requires a proactive approach by the state in order to combat fraud.
We shall encourage the police to take a more proactive approach by making use of speed cameras and enforcement.
Should programmes be legislatively mandated or should the profession take a proactive approach?
As you have just described, it seems as if the approach has been reactive rather than any proactive work.
We, like the Seattle group, have adopted a proactive approach to management of current illness.
The convictions highlight our continued and proactive approach to football disorder in the city centre.