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prize / приз, премия, выигрыш
имя существительное
prize, trophy, purse, pot, stake, capture
premium, prize, award, bonus, bounty, purse
win, winning, gain, prize, draw, gainings
имя прилагательное
достойный награды
meritorious, prize
взламывать посредством рычага
prize, pry, prise, prise up
поднимать посредством рычага
prize, pry, prise, prise up
высоко ценить
treasure, prize, think much of
имя существительное
a thing given as a reward to the winner of a competition or race or in recognition of another outstanding achievement.
the nation's most prestigious prize for contemporary art
value extremely highly.
the berries were prized for their healing properties
имя прилагательное
(especially of something entered in a competition) having been or likely to be awarded a prize.
prize onions
The principal had a very positive memory of his prize pupil.
Despite these hurdles, all of the 59 speakers, like the pioneer cable guys, were adamant that the prize was worth the battle.
A prize Japanese bull has been cloned from skin cells scraped from its own ear.
She sprang from nowhere to capture the highly lucrative prize of teen Hollywood.
In addition to the funding awards, a prize draw for two marshals to go to a World Rally Championship event in 2005 is being run again this year.
At twenty-eight, he won the prize of the tragedy competition, with his first entry.
Pierre thinks he's found a prize idiot in Pignon.
The Académie des Sciences in Paris announced its prize competition for 1764 in 1762.
U.S. farmers and ranchers are also plunking down thousands of dollars to duplicate prize bulls, cows, and pigs.
With these publications will come some great prize competitions and reader offers.